Ask Sydney

How do I get Over Someone that Ghosts Me?

Dear Sydney… How do I get over a girl that ghosts me?   In order to answer this question, I must first address the two differing meanings of the term “ghosting”.  1. The act of either disappearing off of social media altogether, or disappearing from a specific person on it. This could mean a sudden lack of activity on media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc.  It could also simply mean reading texts/messages but not responding to them, or not answering phone calls. 2. The act of completely disappearing out of someone’s personal life without a notable rhyme or reason. … Read more

How do I Love Myself?

Dear Sydney… What are some little things i can do to love myself that actually work? Learning to accept yourself for who you are is simple, but at the same time complex. It is a choice. One that has to be made consciously on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill I can give for one to instantly love themselves. This means there’s no one specific thing I could say to guarantee self acceptance. However, there are a few pointers I could give to help shift your mindset to a more positive, loving place. 1. Think positive. … Read more

How do I maintain a friendship with a distancing/busy friend?

Dear Sydney… So I’ve been friends with this one person for a while now, and I feel like we connect really well…but the thing is, they’re very social and often can’t spend time with me. Often times when they are with me, I feel like they’re bored and I end up telling them to go talk to their other friends… even thought I actually don’t want that. What should I do?   I understand your situation entirely. As someone who has befriended a lot of overachievers, I’ve certainly had to experience some of this myself. It sounds like your friend is very … Read more

How Do I Get Through My Junior Year?

Ah…the “big year”! I’ve had many people come to me about this. Honestly, the best way to get through the year is time management. Do whatever is necessary in terms of your workloads. If your teachers provide you with calendars, be sure to check them. (For example: If you check your schedules and see that you have 2 tests or more in a week, plan ahead. Make plans with your friends for after the tests. Or even better, get together to study with a couple of classmates instead!) Another way to help yourself focus is to eliminate any distractions. (For … Read more