Ask Sydney

Dear Sydney,

I don’t know, why but I am really struggling to make new friends. I recently moved in from another school and it just doesn’t feel the same. Any tips for meeting new people?

As someone who has moved before, I understand what it is like to have to start all over again. You really miss the people you knew from before. Although it’s difficult, it is important to lose any expectations of the people you will reach out to.


Keep in touch with your old friends as much as you can but keep your mind open to what your new friends will be like. This is because these are new people, so they will not be exactly the same as the people you knew before. Comparing new friends to old ones is something I had to learn not to do in the process of creating a new social circle. The best way to ensure you develop friendships is to keep your head up and your mind open. 

Get involved!

Clubs, extracurricular activities, and trying new things with people all help a lot. Don’t be afraid to say hello, smile, make a joke, compliment others or laugh. The more friendly you are, the more approachable you will be.  These will create a more positive environment for meeting new people. It may take some time to find your circle though. It will require patience and some determination. And some days may be harder than others, but I promise you’ll be grateful after it all that you put yourself out there!

Nothing but good can come from opening your heart. Hope this helps! 

 -Sydney J.

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